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"Annalea has Full Trisomy 18 and she is the youngest of 11 children. She will be 3 years old in March and is soon to be a big sister! We are so thankful that the Lord decided to bless our family with Anna. She has taught us so many lessons, most importantly to appreciate each day, be thankful in all things and to truly love and be present in your current moment Trisomy 18 has brought us hundreds of friends, or should I say, family, around the world. Some people would say this diagnosis is a tragedy. I say this diagnosis is a tremendous blessing of love. Anna is the most joyful child I have ever met. She warms the heart of all who meet her. She is a Daddy's girl and has all her siblings instantly at her back and call. She is not interested in toys or trivial things of this world but rather prefers people. She loves snuggles and conversations and then some more snuggles <3

Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us with Annalea."

 - Annalea's mom, Adriane

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